where to go from here (for the graduate)

Remember that achieving something people think is cool, or getting your name in the papers, or being impressive in some way doesn’t always have much to do with being happy or satisfied.  The most important moments in your life will likely not be all that impressive to other people.   I have a suspicion that the happiest and most satisfied people who ever lived didn’t make the papers or the history books.  We tend to focus on people with something to prove who travel the flashy path, not people with gentle loving hearts who are willing to risk anonymity to create a life that is a beautiful expression of peace.

Maybe it’s like some people say, and we’re supposed to be stacking up really big good deeds to place on one side of some heavenly scale.  But to me, that’s just ego.  I think all we’re supposed to be doing is loving.  Just plain loving.  Everything else flows from, around and through love.  Love your life, love the abundant other beings, love your ever changing understanding, and MOST IMPORTANTLY love the amazing creation that is the sum of everything right here, right now. 

There’s a quote I really like, “Each one of us is not just the carrier of the message, we ARE the message.”  Each one of us is a singular, never to be seen again, personification of All That Is. Here only for a moment.  Or let me translate this into Christianity.  Each one of us is an astounding glowing ember of the Fire of God animating one unique Temple of God.  Never to be seen again. We have to love ourselves dearly, because if we do not love ourselves we are not loving God.  We have to take care of ourselves tenderly, because in doing so we are taking care of the only expression of this kind God will ever be.

So to summarize:

Don’t get all hung up on other people’s expectations.
Choose learning to love as your life path.
Understand just how much you are.

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