"Surrender" - by Marg Herder

In May, 2013, Studio Ninety-Six, Christian Theological Seminary, and St. Luke’s UMC staged a multi-media exhibition exploring the theme, “Risk of Faith.”  They graciously included my piece, “Surrender” in the exhibition.  I was happy to be afforded the opportunity to try and put into words the very real risk I feel as I attempt to live into what I am learning in my life.  I feel very strongly called to create my life in a way that is not logical, that seems impossible, and that often leaves me feeling afraid.  Yet I feel that call is coming from Her, and lately I’ve finally begun to try to learn how to listen.

The text reads:

“Surrender to Me,” She whispers.
And in that sharp moment, that exclamation point of time, I understand what She asks.
Let go of my plans, let go of my will, allow Grace to become what animates my flesh.  Allow Ruach to become that which sustains me.
I am terrified to abdicate everything I think I know.  “But,” She whispers, “only in that can you become Love, embody Peace, live out Justice.”
Her breath tickles my ear, but thinking about it feels like drowning.
Stop thinking, Open my arms. Surrender.
“Take this life and teach me to become nothing, let me release my stories, and relinquish my dreams,
so I might become a void sufficient to allow Everything to move through me.”

 The piece is approximately 32″ x 28″ framed.  It’s a minimally manipulated digital photo (taken at the Retreat Campus in Quincy, Indiana in the fall of 2011) with text printed on fine art paper and signed.  The mat is a gold color very similar to the text, the frame is a 1″ wide dark steel color.  The piece is for sale.  Please contact me if you are interested.

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