The Infinite Moment of Now

I recently finished work on the soundtrack for Stephanie Lewis Robertson’s fabric art installation, The Infinite Moment of Now, that will be on display at the Indianapolis Art Center from Friday, June 10 until Sunday, July 31, 2011. Click here to watch an introductory video about the installation. Fabric panel by Stephanie Lewis Robertson   … Read more

love is a miracle

I want to tell you something, in case you’ve forgotten.  Love is a miracle. I flew down to Texas to see a dear friend’s son get married.  My friend, Tom, and I go way back. He is one of those rock steady quiet guys.  You probably know one.  Doesn’t make a big fuss about being … Read more

we are not like you

I keep hearing gay people, in the midst of the struggle for acceptance saying, “We are just like you!” That’s a nice thought. And maybe in fifty years all the gay people will be just like all the straight people. But for now, we are not. Sure, we’ve got crazy gay people, we’ve got smart … Read more

where to go from here (for the graduate)

Remember that achieving something people think is cool, or getting your name in the papers, or being impressive in some way doesn’t always have much to do with being happy or satisfied.  The most important moments in your life will likely not be all that impressive to other people.   I have a suspicion that the … Read more

the fit

I haven’t been happy lately. I’ve been okay, but not really happy, and I was actually happy for a while. I just figured out tonight that it’s because for a little while I FIT, and right now I don’t. When I say “I fit for a little while,” I mean the way I was living my life … Read more