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backpacking, cowboys, big cats and foots

Last summer during one of my backpacking excursions to Deam Wilderness I had hiked out to my car to bring back water. I can’t carry all my gear and 15 pounds of water when I hike in, so I usually walk out at some point to bring more back to camp. When I got to […]

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we are not like you

I keep hearing gay people, in the midst of the struggle for acceptance saying, “We are just like you!” That’s a nice thought. And maybe in fifty years all the gay people will be just like all the straight people. But for now, we are not. Sure, we’ve got crazy gay people, we’ve got smart […]

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Last summer, Lisa and I invited her family over to our house.  It was our turn to host one of the quarterly birthday celebrations.  Lisa’s family is large, and they work really hard to get together a few times a year to spend time as a family. We have a wooded back yard, with a […]

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please stop, it’s getting hard to watch

You know, I wish somebody would speak up and tell the truth about what Christianity is doing to you, and what you are doing to Christianity. I wish someone would lay it out, and you would listen. But I doubt anyone will, because everyone is so hypnotized by the “man behind the curtain” show promoted […]

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where to go from here (for the graduate)

Remember that achieving something people think is cool, or getting your name in the papers, or being impressive in some way doesn’t always have much to do with being happy or satisfied.  The most important moments in your life will likely not be all that impressive to other people.   I have a suspicion that the […]