3rd margaret - world of Fish

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"World of Fish" - graphic by Lē Isaac Weaver

One of the images associated with 3rd margaret is shown above. "World of Fish" was the inside cover image for the D.A.M. CD version of alone... which was available only from mp3.com, back in the days before iTunes, when mp3.com was the place for independent musicians to make their music available to the public.

This graphic was designed to symbolically represent what I think is happening in Christianity.

I believe that astrology is a metaphor for talking about something that is real, but that we don't fully understand. I don't think astrology as a metaphor is perfect, but it works well to enable me to talk about certain concepts.

Just as there are astrological signs that relate to various times of the year, there are signs that relate to very long periods of time. Right now the experience of earth is moving from the 2000 year long Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. It's interesting to note the western religion to grow from nothing at this time (Christianity) uses the fish as a representative symbol, same as the symbol for Pisces. Pisces is a water sign. Aquarius, the age coming into being is an air sign. There's tons of information available if you want to learn more about water signs and air signs and the like.

In my graphic I use the image of a body of water with a round globular swirl of fish rising from it into the air. I'm presenting that Christianity will have to fundamentally change in order to continue to be relevant in this new age.

But also, what appears to be a body of water is actually created from a graphic of the earth from outer space and a graphic of the Northern Lights. This is my way of symbolizing that air and water are both simply different aspects of the same force, All that Is.

I made the sky background image look like a gathering storm. I think there is a difficult time coming for Christianity. During this time those who believe in evil, who cling to the ground (the old way of inhabiting the earth), will feel very ill at ease, and will see danger everywhere. Their fear will make them behave in a reactive and destructive manner.

Meanwhile those Christians that embrace the new state of being will rise and join together and revel in the new opportunities offered by unprecedented availability of information and the almost unbelievable communication opportunities open to us now. Christians now have a chance to create a new religious paradigm, one rich in compassion, acceptance and peacefulness.

Le Isaac Weaver, 2011