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In 1997 I put together an album of my work. Originally released on cassette, and later on CD, I did everything from the composing and arranging to the packaging. I released about 200 signed and numbered copies of the CD, fewer of the cassette. Physical copies of the album are no longer available, but the music is available here.

There were three songs ("Ayah," and "Fall In Love") that were on the cassette, but not the CD. "We Can Know Her" is on the CD but not the cassette. "Ayah" and "Fall In Love" have not been digitized. Maybe I'll get around to that at some point.

Click here to read a review of this CD by author and activist Virginia Ramey Mollenkott.

If you want to make your own CD you can download the songs from the download page, or you can listen to it on the steaming player below.

The liner notes are reprinted below. The lyrics can be found on the lyrics pages of this site (click on a title to open the lyrics page).

Track Listing

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Enter In
No Tomorow
Our Dreams
Do You Know
When Vision Becomes Light (instrumental)
Loved One
Circle Dream
I Am The Fire
Sing Your Loving
We Can Know Her


Liner Notes

You see, I was brought up to be a church musician. I learned from my grandmother and my mother, the two Lēarets before me. I loved their vision of service, I loved the church. I felt safe.

I didn't know, couldn't have known, that the church is not a safe place for everyone. I was to learn that men of power believe that some souls are more valuable than others.

At one point I walked away, leaving everything I thought my life would be. And let me tell you, it felt like where my heart used to be there was nothing but broken glass.

Years later, I'm beginning to understand why this had to happen. And that's what this music is all about. Here, there, and the road between.

The songs can be experienced on many levels. Try listening to this CD in a quiet place. Wear headphones. Silence your mind and enter in...

The music was created by 3rd margaret alone in her studio, then digitally mastered by Grey Larsen at Sleepy Creek Studio, Bloomington, Indiana. Do You Know was written in collaboration with Dianne Steinmetz.

This sound recording and all printed materials (including photographs) are © 1997 by Softsound Recordings. Unauthorized duplication or distribution is prohibited. Please write for permission. Individual compositions are ©1997 by 3rd margaret music (ASCAP) except Do You Know ©1997 by 3rd margaret music and Dianne L. Steinmetz. All rights reserved, used by permission. Feel free to drop me a line.