holding it up to the light

Lē Weaver  

Thank you for your interest in my creative works. I hope you can spend some time listening to music, looking at pictures, and reading some words. I create to illuminate my own experience of being here. Capturing a moment and holding it up to the light. Sometimes the moment might be the sound of a summer night in Ohio, sometimes it might be an image of a bird in flight.

My work is often about how we might approach Spirit, the Holy, the Living Water that flows through everything. I don't think we are equipped to comprehend All That Is (sureity is the easiest way to close yourself off from it), so I must content myself with saying, "This part of Her has drawn me in, here, check it out."

I used to be known as Marg Herder. In 2018 I changed my name to Lē Weaver. Read more about this change here.

of interest

8/12/2015 - My blog post "The Long Overdue Conversation about Mental Illness" was published on the Emerging Voices blog on Patheos, and was widely shared. Click here to read it.

6/29/2015 - Evangelicals for Social Action republished my poem "A Charleston Lament" on their website. Click here to read.

1/15/2015 - My post "Precious God, Forgive Them, Because They KNOW What They're Doing" on Where She Is on Christian Feminism Today became one of the most read posts ever on CFT. Click here to read. A Spanish language translation is also made available, click here for "Dios Precioso, Perdónalos, Porque Ellos SABEN lo que Están Haciendo."

12/15/14 - My field recording, "Summer Night in Ohio," was utilized in Jacob Rivkin's Philadelphia art installation entitled "Wish Booth." Click here to view information on the installation.

2/2/14 - New blog post on this website, "Wounds upons Wounds upon Wounds" addresses how the public debate about LGBT equality is deeply wounding to the people whose worth and value is being questioned.

12/1/13 - My post "Equality as a Multiple Choice Test" published on my Where She Is blog on Christian Feminism Today caused a lot of interesting discussion on the web. Check it out and see what you think!

9/24/13 - My article "Racism and the Least I Can Do" was published on the Evangelicals for Social Action website.

6/10/13 - Tony Jones, a theologian who writes the Theoblogy blog on Patheos, gave his blog over to those identifying as Christian feminists for a week. I wrote an essay, "On Fear and the Paradox of Surrender" which he graciously published.

6/5/13 - The Bilerico Project published my essay, "Celebrating Real Diveristy (Even When It Feels Dangerous)." I'm grateful to The Bilerico Project for publishing this message of tollerance and living into diveristy.

5/31/13 - A photo and text piece of mine, "Surrender," was selected for the Risk of Faith exhibition at Christian Theological Center in Indianapolis. Read about it in this blog post.

5/20/13 - Two related posts about my use of female pronouns for the Divine have been published on the web. "The 'She' In My Pocket" was originally published in Christian Feminism Today's printed publication but is now available on the web here. A new companion post has also been published on the God Is Not A Guy blog, "The Power of an Unexpected Pronoun."

4/29/13 - My song, "A Name," was featured by David Marks on his blog, God Is Not a Guy. What a great name for a blog! I hope you can take the time to read some posts on his blog. Using inclusive language in our references for Deity is life-changing. Here's a link to the post. You can purchase and download "A Name" on iTunes.

4/17/13 - My essay "Personal Tragedy Meets National Tragedy: The Boston Explosions" was published on Christian Feminism Today and then picked up and re-posted on the Evangelicals for Social Action website.

12/12/12 - I've written a blog post about my most recent audio installation, created for Sofiya Inger's Story Dome project. "When you walk into this work you walk into an ancient cave, or a tight circle of trees in the deep woods, or a secret hidden grotto. It's full of, well, stories. It's full of images and words and colors and textures and like a little kid said when she walked in, 'Wow. It's so cool! And kinda spooky. But cool too.'"

9/17/12 - My essay, "Forgiveness and Boundaries" has been published on Christian Feminism Today. "...forgiveness and boundaries are two different concepts, related only by the fact that they can both emerge from the same initial experience of suffering."

7/7/12 - Jann Aldredge-Clanton featured me and my song, "A Name," in her blog Changing Church. Find the full article here. I met Jann at the EEWC Gathering this summer. She's such a kind and gentle women, with a rockin' creative intellect and a very beautiful spirit. She's just passionate about inclusion. She has made the decision to devote her life and resouces to making sure Christian patriarchy is not given a free pass to label so many people as "other." I especially want to direct your attention to the work she does creating "lyrics" for the hymns so many of us know. How delightful it would be to sing her words next time I had to attend a Christian church service!

8/8/11 - I created a video introduction to the Infinite Moment of Now installation that Stephanie Lewis Robertson and I collaborated on. The work focuses on the her husband Tom's stroke. The piece I created is an audio collage in 4 channels featuring spoken word, sounds I recorded while Tom was in the hospital, and small group singing. It's a very compelling piece, and the technical work has allowed me to stretch a bit. Click here to read more about this work on my blog. Click here to read a Nuvo article about the installation. Click here to view the video.