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Thank you for your interest in my creative works. I hope you can spend some time listening to music, looking at pictures, and reading some words. I create to illuminate my own experience of being here. Capturing a moment and holding it up to the light. Sometimes the moment might be the sound of a summer night in Ohio, sometimes it might be an image of a bird in flight.

My work is often about how we might approach Spirit, the Holy, the Living Water that flows through everything. I don't think we are equipped to comprehend All That Is (sureity is the easiest way to close yourself off from it), so I must content myself with saying, "This part of Her has drawn me in, here, check it out."

I used to be known as Marg Herder. In 2018, I began identifying as a non-binary person, and changed my name to Lē Isaac Weaver. Read more about this change here.

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