When Vision Becomes Light (instrumental)

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Music - Lē Weaver
Words - Lē Weaver
Performed, mixed and recorded by Lē Weaver
Originally released on 3rd margaret's alone... CD



So what does it mean?

In 1996, I was inspired to I start working on this piece by a guy named Rudy Galindo. Rudy came out as a gay man just a few weeks before he won the National Championship in figure skating, and the bronze medal at the World Championships. Back in 1996 there weren't many public figures coming out, let alone athletes. I thought he showed an uncommon bravery. I don't even like skating too much, but I was crying when he won the championship. It meant a lot to me.

So as my way of privately thanking Rudy, I sat down and wrote this piece. I tried to make it in the style of backing music for a "long program" skating performance.

I called it "When Vision Becomes Light" because it was meant to portray the time when the unspoken becomes manifest in this reality. Vision, invisible, becomes visible as light, reality.

Also, as with all the music on alone... I worked with specific sounds playing in specific frequency patterns. The goal was to move the headphone wearing listener toward a theta brainwave pattern. I had read a lot about entrainment, the idea that by using certain frequencies of sound, brainwaves could be nudged into certain patterns. Theta waves are the brainwave pattern most associated with meditative, contemplative, and spiritual mental states.


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