sleep my seed Lyrics

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Words by Becky Thacker
Music by Harriet Clare
Arrangement by Lē Isaac Weaver, Performed and Recorded by Lē Isaac Weaver



Sleep my seed, perfect copy of me
Wrapped in flesh so tender and so sweet
Flesh that's sweet enough to eat

Sleep my seed, in belly of the beast
Acid gurgles washing as you sleep
Dream in droppings on the ground

Sleep my seed, in soup primordial
Soaked in waters fecal, rich as meat
Feed your future far from me

Wake my seed, open your pod and yawn
Rain wash away your awakening
Greeting life afresh and new
Grow my seed, in earth that's rich and deep
Grow tall and broad enough to shelter me

Sleep my seed, perfect copy of me.

Lyrics (c) 2000 by Becky Thacker, used by permission. Unauthorized duplication prohibited.

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