She Loved Him Lyrics

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Music - Lē Isaac Weaver
Words - Lē Isaac Weaver
Performed, mixed and recorded by Lē Isaac Weaver



It's the winter of 1965
And the kids are safe and warm inside
Chilly noses pressed up against the glass
He was due home 'bout an hour past.

Who can say when something isn't right?
She wills his car to pull into the drive.

On the TV newscasters sell the day
She is listening but turned the other way
Someone asks her if Daddy is alright
"Will he be home soon, should we turn on the light?"

But she knows that something isn't right,
Even as she's turning on the light.

She loves him, believes in him
She's needing him, here tonight.

It's the winter of 2008
And she's standing outside, it's cold, it's late
Though he's failing, it's a beautiful sky
It's so lonely looking back at a life

Who can say if everything's okay
When one you love will soon be pulled away

By his bedside thick with the things to say
She is writing, he's turned the other way
It's been like this for all the years all this time
Who could change now, even if it was right?

But she knows that everything is fine
Even as he's slipping from her life.

She loved him, believed in him
She's leaving him here tonight
She loved him, believed in him
She's leaving him here tonight.