On The Surface Lyrics

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Music - Lē Isaac Weaver
Words - Lē Isaac Weaver
Performed, mixed and recorded by Lē Isaac Weaver



I've got a few words for you I haven't said.
I wrote 'em in letters that I never sent.
There's probably not much that I should say to you.
I'm guessin' you think you've come to know your truth.

'Cause on the surface there's a line,
Underneath it the love we feel survives.

So I will walk away you'll let me go, as if there's something that we should have known.
Well in the kingdom when we're really free I guess we'll see the thing's we're meant to see.

All the violence coursin' through our veins is just the anger from some senseless pain.

Just so you know I was here and saw it too.
To think that we all could have such different views.
Maybe that's why the world is torn apart
We can't see the crimson river flowin' from our hearts.

'Cause on the surface there's a line,
But underneath it love can still survive.
'Cause on the surface there's a line,
Underneath it love can still survive.


So what does it mean?


Sometimes you have to walk away...

There's been relationships I've participated in that I just can't understand. I don't know how I got into them the way I did. I don't know how they went from feeling good to being so obviously messed up. I get all tied up in knots trying to understand, but sometimes I just can't.

See, I firmly believe that everyone I encounter has a hand in the creation of the expression that is becoming "me." I have this ideal in my head about who I am, and usually I move toward that ideal. But that ideal is not who I will become. That ideal is only the direction in which I attempt to move. Who I really am becoming is the totallity of my reaction to all the situations and relationships I encounter. I talk about this in shorthand by speaking of how a person or a situation "creates me."

If you think highly of me or expect wonderful things from me you will create me lovingly. I will be relaxed around you, I will be at my best, I will look for ways to help you, I will not be afraid. I will be better able to move toward my ideal in relationship with you.

If however, you distrust me and expect trouble from me you will create me harshly. If you have issues which prevent you from acting lovingly toward other people in general, you wil create me poorly. I will be guarded around you, I will try too hard, I will look for ways to extricate myself from your company, I will be afraid. I will not be able to move toward my ideal in relationship with you.

When it becomes clear that someone creates me badly, though I'm often temped to keep trying desparately to force things into some type of beauty, it's usually best to draw a line and walk away. Most of the time I can't even begin to understand the details or reasons why things are not going well, I just know that it's appropriate to draw the line and walk away, hopefully without anger.


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