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Music - Lē Isaac Weaver and Dianne Steinmetz
Words - Lē Isaac Weaver
Performed, mixed and recorded by Lē Weaver
Originally released on 3rd margaret's alone... CD


There's no message from your leader, there's no miracle of Word
There's no silent invitation, only music that you've heard.

And do you know the name, and can you love the dream,
And do you know the way to call your children home again?

As the waters are receeding take a walk along the shore.
See the messenger departing, we begin the search once more.

And do you know the name, and can you love the dream,
And do you know the way to call your children home again?


So what does it mean?

I have experienced a distinct lack of certainty about truth in this world.

I was brought up to expect certainty in matters of Spirit, and for years was terribly unsettled by the ambiguity of my feelings about religious leaders, texts, and experiences. The hook into truth for me, the one thing I could feel certain about, was the connection between me and whatever it is that holds the music before it comes into this world. There is no ambiguity in the indescribable sensation of being in communication when I am trying to bring the music I hear to life.

But without a name for this experience can it be real? That answer is not as easy as it seems at first. Without words to describe it, it exists only for me, and thus, is really no more real to anyone else than a dream of mine would be. Can I live something that has no external validation? And if this is right, then how will what we call God be able to call Her children home to Her again? If it is so hard to believe...

We are moving from the age of Pisces to the age of Aquarius, from a water sign to an air sign. Some say this means a major shift in consciousness, really in the nature of our experience of existence. It is my belief that Jesus as a creation fit well in the Piscean age, but will become less emotional, less based in delusion, in this new age. I anticipate the coming of a different understanding of the "Son of Man." Now I'm not sure if this will be a different interpretation of Jesus, or an entirely different concept altogether, or another messianic personage. We'll just have to see.


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