Alone Lyrics

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Music - Lē Isaac Weaver
Words - Lē Isaac Weaver
Performed, mixed and recorded by Lē Isaac Weaver
Originally released on 3rd margaret's alone... CD


Long time spent alone inside my songs.
Long time holding on to letting go, alone.
Somewhere lovers live to touch my heart.
Somewhere thoughts are known and oceans part, alone.

I'm not sure if you heard the story.
Now it's lost in the power and glory.
I can show you the scars that haunt me,
But can I show you the wall around my soul?
I'm all alone.

Daybreak bursts upon me blinds my eyes.
Daybreak, begging us to never part alone.

I'm not sure if you heard the story...

Alone can be a story, alone can be a song. Alone may be together, alone may be alone. But in the tempting moment, in the power's way, You will feel the joining, and alone will fall away.

Long time spent alone inside my songs...  


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