please stop, it’s getting hard to watch

You know, I wish somebody would speak up and tell the truth about what Christianity is doing to you, and what you are doing to Christianity. I wish someone would lay it out, and you would listen. But I doubt anyone will, because everyone is so hypnotized by the “man behind the curtain” show promoted … Read more

where to go from here (for the graduate)

Remember that achieving something people think is cool, or getting your name in the papers, or being impressive in some way doesn’t always have much to do with being happy or satisfied.  The most important moments in your life will likely not be all that impressive to other people.   I have a suspicion that the … Read more

rental houses

Of my friends there are two couples I want to introduce to you. The Haveahouse couple, and the Renter couple. So the Haveahouses knew the Renters. Both were active in the lesbian community. I know both couples pretty well, and liked them. Haveahouses ended up renting their second house to the Renters. Keeping things in … Read more

comfortable constructions

I have a friend who is very, very Christian. She tucks Bible verses into every pocket, her hands are full of them, she is holding a big stack of them under her arm, and there’s a box of them she scoots along with her foot, right out in front of her while she walks. She … Read more