how sure are you?

Okay, let me put in in your terminology.

Let’s just suppose for a minute that God doesn’t hate gay and lesbian people.  Just for a minute.  Let’s just suppose that God made gay and lesbian people on purpose.  Let’s just suppose that God is pleased with this aspect of creation.  Let’s just suppose that God loves fags.  Let’s just suppose that God loves dykes.

So my question is, working from this supposition, what happens to all of the “Christians” who are busy persecuting us?  What happens to the people who say I am not worthy of being a minister of the Word?  What happens to the people who shun me, tell me I am damned, drive my people from Christ, teach my friends that the followers of Jesus are just a bunch of haters?

Maybe God would be, to put it mildly, disappointed.

See, it all looks pretty rosy to you now.  As you assume you know the dispostion of God toward my people.  If we gays and lesbians are suffused by Satan, if we are embracing evil, then in your rules, you are okay in forcing us away from you, in shutting the door in our faces, in denying us fellowship.

But you simply have to turn it around and think about it from the other side.  What if you are wrong and God loves homos?  What if you are tormenting people loved by The Creator?  What if your actions are really punitive, not protective? Who is doing evil?  Who is serving whom?  

How sure are you that I am an abomination? Sure enough to bet your eternity?


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